Join us as we transform our wellness center into our Yoga Sound Lounge.

Watch for us the 3rd or 4th Saturday of the Month!

tammy and her bowls

Enjoy a lounge style mat and an eye pillow and drift off. Close your eyes and breathe as wave after wave of sound washes over you. Sound meditation is a powerful tool into the transformative power of meditation. It is an excellent way to experience a state of deep peace.

Sound Meditation is a very effective form of meditation, this practice can help ease depression, anxiety, and addiction. Sound Meditation can help with sleep. Sound Meditation is the practice of deepening meditation with the use of sound and music.


Sound can also be used to get rid of pain. Pain receptors can only handle so much information, so when you fill them up with sound they can no longer transmit pain impulses.

For thousands of years, sound has been used in ancient cultures to ease anxiety and promote a sense of well being.

The focus on the use of ancient Tibetan instruments,  Crystal singing bowls along with our famous Gong.  We also play shamanic drums, hang drums,  tingsha chimes, harps.

 The word Chakra means spinning wheel in Sanskrit. We have seven major and over 100 minor chakras. Chakras are energy centers in our bodies. Each of the main chakras is the center of an energy body that, when healthy, is in and around our entire physical body. In other words, each chakra affects our entire body, not just the area of the body in which it is centered

circle of love

Scientific studies show that sound can produce changes in the autonomic, immune, endocrine and neuropeptide systems. Every atom, molecule, cell, gland, and organ of the human body absorbs and emits sound. The entire body, as well as our brain waves in a relaxed state, vibrates at a fundamental frequency of about 8 cycles per second, literally entraining and attuning us to the basic electromagnetic field of the earth itself!